So close and yet …

I’m sure no one at Sliema Wanderers Volleyball Club would have wanted to write this article. It’s also the first time that I am writing in first person, not to take any credit for what happened these last weeks, but to personally and publicly congratulate and thank all the Senior Team players and everyone around our Club.

After losing Final 1 last weekend, the girls worked so hard this week to be better prepared for today’s Final 2. Unfortunately for us, after a 2 hours and 15 minutes game, the result went Balzan Flyers’ way with the score of 3-2. It was hands down the best game this 2017/2018 Volleyball Season has seen, made even better by an amazing sizeable crowd cheering us on.

In order of kit number, my personal thanks for this fantastic season go to:

  1. Toni Sieber 
  2. Dana Falzon
  3. Linda Margetiakova (Team Captain)
  4. Dalton Brauer
  5. Melissa Cheviron (Player/Coach)
  6. Tanita Averes
  7. Jolanta Szubert
  8. Darina Ilieva
  9. Adriana Finocchiaro
  10. Antonella Spiteri
  11. Mikaela Galea

Apart from thanking these girls (and those who trained with them throughout this season) wholeheartedly, I also wish to thank our loved ones for supporting us throughout this season despite our absence from home in order to work hard to be able to make this season the success it was. I definitely must also thank the incredible crowd, which included family, friends, Sliema Social Team players and Sliema Nursery Players (and families), we had cheering us throughout all our games but particularly in these last weeks. You guys are amazing and make this on-court-defeat less bitter.

Heartfelt congratulations to Balzan Flyers for winning the National Cup and to all the other teams we have met in these 8 months.

This time last year our team was still working hard to obtain promotion from the National First Division to the National Super League. Today we bid farewell to the Season with our heads held high and with a Runners’ Up Place in the National Cup. We have not won the National Cup, but we definitely won the respect of everyone in the Maltese Volleyball Community.

It’s been one awesome season on so many levels and it will not be easy to match what was done so far. However we already look forward to next season.¬† Many things will change within our Club and more hard work will be needed but we’ll be here ready to battle it out on court one more time.

Kris Croker

(Proud) President

Sliema Wanderers Volleyball Club

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